Lost USB key

January 18, 2013 - A non-secure USB key containing certain personal patient health information was recently lost. The information stored on the key was gathered in October 2012 for payment purposes, and contained patient names, summary data on the type of service provided, the date of service, and the health service provider code. No other health or personal information, such as health card numbers, diagnoses, mailing addresses or bank information, was on the key. 

By Monday January 21, all concerned patients will have received a letter from the Hospital informing them of the incident. We wish to clarify that the medical records of patients has not been lost, and that the files that were on the USB key were a copy of the information saved at the Hospital. This does not affect the appointments of patients, care delivery and the transfer of information to physicians, if need be. 

Since this incident, Hôpital Montfort has reviewed its policies and raised awareness among its employees about the importance of following existing procedures in order to protect the confidentiality of patients’ information. Concrete changes have also been made to its information systems and security mechanisms for mobile devices to minimize the risk that this kind of incident occurs again. 

Patients affected by this incident who want more information may contact Hôpital Montfort Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 613-746-4621,ext. 2999. All calls will be returned the same day or the following during normal business hours.

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