Let’s Celebrate our Guardian Angels!

The Montfort Foundation has honoured several Angels over the past few weeks, in recognition of their exceptional work, as highlighted by a patient or family member for whom they have made a difference. 

Normally, a celebration evening would have been held during the employee recognition week, but since this was cancelled, we presented the Angels to the employee, in their work environment, surrounded by their colleagues, manager and director.

A certificate and pin were given to each Montfort Angel in recognition of their dedication and compassion towards patients. A great demonstration of the philanthropic culture of our organization!

Congratulations and thank you all!

Here's the complete list of our Montfort Angels for 2021: 

- Dr. Guy Moreau

- Dr. Jean-François Planet

- Dr. Jean-Pierre Laflèche

- Dr. Marc Doré

- Dr. Philip Hassard

- Dr. René Ducharme

- Dr. Stéphane Legault

- Dr. Adrienne Quirouet

- Dr. Chantal D'Aoust-Bernard

- Dr. Hilary Myron

- Dr. Linda Lacroix

- Dr. Nita Scherer

- Dr. Benoit St-Jean

- Dr. Daniel Trottier

- Dr. David R. McCoubrey

- Dr. Denis Chauret

- Chantal Chabot, Ambulatory Clinics

- Christine Marchand, Ambulatory Clinics

- Guylaine Haché, 5C surgery

- Joanne Blanchard, Ambulatory Clinics

- Marcelle Blanchette, Michèle Boulanger, Véronique Gendron, Family Birthing Centre

- Michelle Ndzinga, 5C surgery department

- 4A Medicine Team

- 4C Medicine Team

- Emergency Team