Denis Prud’homme, MD, MSc Vice President, Research and Scientific Director

"The objective of the Institut du savoir Montfort-Research is to develop and implement innovative research programs designed to help improve the quality of health care, especially for francophone minorities. The research priorities of the ISM-Research consist in an integrated approach to physical and mental health."


Denis Prud’homme, MD, MSc
Vice President, Research and Scientific Director

Dr. Denis Prud’homme is both the Associate Vice-President for Research and the Scientific Director at Institut du savoirMontfort-Research as of July 2nd, 2013.   He is also a full Professor at the School of Human Kinetics of the Faculty of Health Sciences. 

He was Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences from 2002 to 2012.  As a clinician and a researcher, Dr. Prud'homme is actively involved in clinical research related to the effects of physical activity in patients with health problem(s) such as obesity, diabetes, and the metabolic syndrome. He is presently the principal investigator on the MONET/SOMET(Sherbrooke-Ottawa-Montreal Emerging Team) studies “Critical periods of body weight regulation :  A woman’s health perspective.” 

In June 2013, the Montfort Hospital received its official designation as an academic teaching hospital.  In accordance, Dr. Prud’homme will offer his expertise to the researchers of the IRHM in terms of realizing their research programs in an interprofessional context, all within the scope of fulfilling the Hospital’s strategic plan.

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