As health professionals interested in human movement during physical activity, kinesiologists apply their knowledge, along with the findings of their research and best practices to improve their clients’ health and quality of life.

They work in two sectors of activity: cardiovascular and pulmonary health services; and, occupational health and safety.

Our kinesiologists provide the following services

  • Cardiovascular conditioning, fitness training; and, cardiac and orthopedic rehabilitation.
  • Preventive education and training for employees.
  • Ergonomic and biomechanical assessment; analysis of posture and physical demands.
  • Active participation in kinesiology student training.


kinesiologue_sabourin_2013_0.jpg“In 2005, I completed an assistant training program with Montfort’s therapeutic services. This extremely rewarding experience taught me to apply my knowledge. Later, when I became a casual employee, my manager and colleagues became my mentors. They helped me achieve my full potential, and that encouraged me to pursue post-graduate studies. Now, I am proud to be a kinesiologist with the cardiovascular and pulmonary health services. I feel that I have grown as a person and as a professional with Montfort.”
Marc-André Sabourin, Kinesiologist at Montfort since April 2012