Impact of your generosity

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Over the past year, your philanthropy has enabled us to provide the hospital with the necessary means to offer exemplary care, including:

Portable ultrasound device
This state-of-the-art multifunctional device allows our emergency physicians to view very high-quality images, directly on their smartphone.

Ice machines
These machines allow staff on unit 5C (surgery) to quickly provide patients with a glass of ice or iced water.

“Butterfly" indicators
This butterfly-shaped indicator alerts staff about to enter a patient's room, that the patient is at end of life and that there are grieving loved ones inside.

Transfer slings
These slings allow operating room staff to transport patients under anesthesia, from the operating room to the recovery room, without having to move their body.

Items for the Breast Clinic
These items include stress balls, agendas and comfort cushions that improve the patient’s experience and quality of life.

Shower caps
Lined with a dry shampoo, these caps allow staff to wash a patient's hair at the bedside.

These wheelchairs allow outpatients with ambulatory issues to navigate the hospital more easily and safely.

Murphy bed
This bed allows clinical staff who work long shifts to adequately rest during their breaks in order to remain capable of providing safe quality care.

Christmas Tree
To decorate the main entrance of the hospital and cheer up staff, volunteers, patients, families and visitors, during the holiday season.

GoodLife Fitness memberships
Allows the Équipe communautaire de traitement intensif d’Ottawa to provide its patients with a free membership to GoodLife Fitness centres, to promote their rehabilitation.

Les Entretiens Montfort
These free public mini-conferences are presented every two to three months by Montfort experts and address a variety of current health-related topics.

Suicide Prevention Week
This inaugural initiative organized by the Mental Health Program was held under the theme #MontfortForLife and aimed to fight stigma and demystify suicide-related issues.

Train the next generation of nurses
Six recipients received a bursary, allowing them to do their nursing internship at Montfort. The purpose of the bursaries is to enable the hospital to fulfill its mandate as a teaching hospital by increasing the number of teaching days provided to nursing students, to grow its pool for the recruitment of future nurses and to expand Montfort's reach beyond Ontario's borders.

Attend the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress
This major conference provided our cardiovascular specialists with the opportunity to attend accredited training sessions on innovative topics, learn about the latest scientific findings and understand how to incorporate them into their practice.

Attend the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Symposium
The conference provided an opportunity for our cardiopulmonary rehabilitation staff to validate their approaches, increase their knowledge and develop new strategies to improve patient care.

Build the Orléans Health Hub
A unique and innovative model of care that will bring together, under one roof, a wide range of specialized and community services, offered in both official languages.

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