Human resources and health efficiency; a brand new ISM-UQO Research Chair

Ottawa, September 28, 2018  – The Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO) and the Institut du Savoir Montfort (ISM) – A Knowledge Institute, were proud to launch, this afternoon, their brand new Addoceo Research Chair in Health Human Resources Development. The objective: to develop new interventions based on the best methodologies to face the challenges of today’s health professionals. 

It’s the professor at the UQO and researcher-member at the ISM, Mr. Martin Lauzier, who will have the honour of leading the Chair. For him, it’s an opportunity "to deliberately put the focus on health professionals, rather than care recipients, an innovative approach that will ultimately benefit patients and the community. "

For Dr. André Bilodeau, Chief Executive Officer at the ISM, this new Chair could attract a lot of attention. "As the results of the project first benefit Hôpital Montfort, given its natural proximity to the ISM, we can bet that many other health institutions across the country will soon want to draw inspiration from it. "

Denis Harrisson, Rector of the UQO, congratulates Professor Lauzier and salutes the ISM-UQO alliance. "Over the years, our industrial relations department has gained notoriety and recognition. Among other things, we are now establishing many collaborations with researchers from other universities and various organizations", he says.  

This new Addoceo Chair in Health Human Resources Development is jointly funded by the ISM, through the Montfort Hospital Foundation, and the UQO. 

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About the Addoceo Reseearch Chair

Under the direction of Martin Lauzier, professor in the Department of Industrial Relations at UQO, and researcher-member at the ISM, the Addoceo Chair on Health Human Resources Development aims to support Hôpital Montfort in its efforts to foster the development of its members' skills and improve its organizational performance. Doceo comes from Latin and means learning or teaching, while the prefix Ad means beyond or more. Therefore Addoceo means beyond the existing knowledge or the one already taught. More clearly, the main objective of the Addoceo Chair is to provide the Hôpital Montfort, and its various components, with evidence-based practices, tools and processes that can help them operate.

Information contact for the Institut du Savoir Montfort – A Knowledge Institute: 
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