How to promote my challenge

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At Montfort, we continuously strive for excellence. Since it is through philanthropy that we are able to provide exemplary care, the Montfort Foundation has launched the Impact Montfort crowdfunding platform.

This innovative and fun tool allows anyone who cares about the well-being of others to create their own challenges, form teams, participate in activities and generate donations in support of Montfort.

How to promote my challenge?

Impact Montfort allows you to collect donations without having to pay administrative fees. This means that Montfort benefits from 100% of the money raised. The platform also displays the donations in real time.

To help you achieve success, here are some strategies you can use to promote your challenge:

  • Word of mouth: Tell everyone you know about your challenge and talk about it as often as you can. Word of mouth is a very effective way to share your message.
  • Social media: Share your challenge on Facebook and/or Twitter by simply clicking on the icons that appear on your challenge’s home page.
    Facebook and Twitter Icons
  • Hashtag: Use the hashtag (# symbol) in front of a word or series of words to create a click-word that allows people to follow conversations about your challenge.
  • Participants: Encourage those who participate in your challenge to use the click-word, post photos and share their experience.
  • Montfort Foundation: Notify the Montfort Foundation of your Facebook posts so we can share them with our network.
  • Tax benefits: Inform everyone you talk to about your challenge that the Montfort Foundation issues an official income tax receipt for donations of $20 or more.
  • Recognition: Show appreciation to those who support your challenge. Send them regular updates that include the financial objective and the amount of donations received.

Good luck with your challenge!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.