The hospital staff

The leaders of Hôpital Montfort; its presidents, board of directors, doctors and all the staff have always been committed to the values ​​of the hospital: compassion, excellence, respect and commitment.

From the department head to the employee responsible for housekeeping or grounds maintenance, including but not limited to health professionals, office staff, employees assigned to reception, communications, the clinics, emergency, support services or records, all Montfort employees, personify these values that guide their daily work. 

From year to year, the annual reports call attention to the important role played by hospital staff.  Annual events and special awards to commemorate the contribution of employees, the organization of social and sporting events – these are only some of the ways that management and employees endeavour to elicit pride of membership and create a pleasant work atmosphere.

Fully aware of the advantages of a committed workforce, the hospital’s managers celebrate their excellent work and unconditional commitment in various ways.

For example, the pin Ténacité et perseverance (tenacity and perseverance) was distributed to all employees in 2002 in recognition of their efforts to confront the threat of the hospital’s closure. The first Médaille du 22 mars , commemorating the determination of those who fought for the hospital’s survival, was dedicated to the employees  of the hospital in recognition of the leading role they played during the five long years of uncertainty surrounding the Montfort crisis.

The health field also recognizes that the true measure of a hospital’s worth is the quality and commitment of its employees. Official designations are evidence of this. For example, in 2012, the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario designated Hôpital Montfort a Best Practice Spotlight Organization, a first among Ontario’s Francophone health institutions! 




In 2013, Hôpital Montfort has been recognized by the Quality Healthcare Workplace Awards (QHWA) for being a health care organization that has improved the quality of work-life and the quality of care and services delivered. It was the first time Hôpital Montfort submitted its application for this contest.  At its first try, Montfort won the silver level.




Communication tools

In 2005, the hospital launches: Journal Montfort to keep employees informed of developments taking place, while giving different sectors and departments the opportunity to communicate and share ideas, announcements and news.

In 2012, Hôpital Montfort launche its Facebook page to promote its activities. The Twitter and Linkedin accounts are launched in the Spring of 2013.


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