Hôpital Montfort says Thank you!

March 30, 2012 - March 22 will live on in history, thanks to Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, who officially proclaimed this date Franco-Ontarian Solidarity Day. Hôpital Montfort wishes to thank the city of Ottawa as well as all the Franco-Ontarian organizations (particularly the Hôpital Montfort Foundation) who participated in the organization of activities surrounding this memorable day. 

Heartfelt thanks go out to all of you who support the cause of Franco-Ontarians throughout the province. "Without the commitment and solidarity of the Franco-Ontarians everywhere, Hôpital Montfort would not be contributing as it does today to the development of health services for the francophone community," said Dr. Bernard Leduc, Hôpital Monfort's president and CEO. 


Video March 22 1997

Souvenir booklet (Le Droit)

Souvenir booklet (L'Express)

Journée de la solidarité franco-ontarienne