Hôpital Montfort photos

Here is a selection of outdoor and indoor photographs of Hôpital Montfort, as well as certain key areas, administrators and the hospital logo. These photos are not copyright protected and can be used to illustrate reports, online stories and for social media publications.

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8.centre_familial_de_naissance.jpg 9.centre_familial_de_naissance.jpg 12.medecine.jpg

Dr Bernard Leduc

Dr. Bernard Leduc,
President and CEO, Hôpital Montfort


Dr. Stéphane Roux,
Chief Medical Officer, Hôpital Montfort

Mr. Carl Nappert

Carl Nappert,
Chair of the Board of Trustees, Hôpital Montfort

Marc Villeneuve

Marc Villeneuve,
Fondation Montfort


New Montfort logo (2017) horizontal New Montfort Logo (2017) vertical