Hôpital Montfort: A Group “A” University Teaching Hospital

What does official designation as a university teaching hospital mean for Hôpital Montfort?

Hôpital Montfort is the only Ontario health institution that offers clinical training in a Francophone environment.  By conferring designation as a university teaching hospital on Montfort, the hospital can ensure the permanency of its teaching program by recruiting more leaders in their field, researchers and teaching staff to effectively fulfill its mandate.

This decision officially confirms the teaching role that Hôpital Montfort has filled since 2002.

How did Hôpital Montfort find out about its official designation?

The Minister of Health and Long-term Care, Deb Matthews, informed the Chair of the Board of Directors, Alain-Michel Sékula, that the Government of Ontario had officially recognized Hôpital Montfort as a Group “A” university teaching hospital. Later, during the Annual General Meeting last June, the Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs, Madeleine Meilleur, made the official announcement to Association members and meeting participants. 

How will this official designation change Hôpital Montfort’s operating methods?

Hôpital Montfort plans to clarify its mission and mandate as a university teaching hospital and expand its capacity to accommodate students and residents. The hospital intends to expedite program development and accept residents in surgery and anesthesia, as well as other fields. The residency period for obstetrics and gynecology could be extended.

Its official university teaching hospital designation will also affect research. More opportunities will also be available for research internships and advanced studies, i.e., studies in the field of biomedical research for master’s or doctoral level students.

What expectations does the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care have?

In her June 2013 letter which conferred designation as a university teaching hospital on Montfort, Minister Matthews underscored that Hôpital Montfort is part of the solution for increasing access to health care in Ontario, especially by francophone communities. The Ministry and Hôpital Montfort will work together to develop this university teaching role more extensively and contribute to health care in Ontario, specifically in the following fields:

  • Participating in planning and supporting French language health services, including clinical supports for patients and health professionals in communities across Ontario;
  • Supporting the Government of Ontario in meeting its obligations under the French Language Service Act;
  • Serving as a Centre of Excellence and hub for French language health care professional education, including ensuring the stability and coordination of French language clinical placements;
  • Demonstrating research and academic programming consistent with an AHSC.

Will Hôpital Montfort receive funding like other Group “A” university teaching hospitals?

Hôpital Montfort is convinced that the Government of Ontario will provide it with the funding issued to other Group “A” university teaching hospitals in Ontario. This matter will be discussed over the next few months to ensure that the Hôpital Montfort teaching body receives the same privileges in return for the same responsibilities as other teaching physicians in the province of Ontario.

What are the next steps?

Hôpital Montfort will endeavour to clarify its mission in the areas of clinical services, teaching and research. This designation injects new energy into the hospital that will lead it to excel and to pursue its quest for excellence aimed at giving the community the hospital it deserves.