Health professionals

Hôpital Montfort recognizes that its doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are the key to its success, which is why it offers them a workplace conducive to achieving excellence. 

The aim of professional practice at Montfort is to allow healthcare practitioners to:

  • work in an environment that builds confidence and values teamwork;
  • access state-of-the-art tools and equipment;
  • contribute to a culture that promotes knowledge, development and integration;
  • achieve excellence by implementing the best practices;
  • play an active role in a constantly evolving organization that adapts to and fully supports change;
  • find a balance between conflicting values and priorities.

With these goals in mind, the Clinical Services Department is in the process of implementing a new model for professional practice. In this model, leaders in each discipline will work together to achieve the highest level of excellence so that all healthcare professionals can reach their full potential, while maintaining their autonomy and accountability, and participate actively in decision-making. 

In all of its activities, Hôpital Montfort promotes an interdisciplinary approach.