Health of Francophone population

December 13, 2013 - L’Institut de recherche de l’Hôpital Montfort (IRHM) wants to recognize the work of its researchers who recently published – under the direction of Louise Bouchard (PhD) of the University of Ottawa and Anne Leis (PhD) of the University of Saskatchewan – a scientific work about the Health of Official Language Minority Populations in the prestigious Canadian Journal of Public Health.
“This special edition presents an emerging field of research and the consequences of official language populations living in minority situations. The research results may prompt decision-makers and administrators to take this situation into account in the planning and organization of health services”, explains Louise Bouchard.
The scientific work includes seventeen articles written by researchers from six Universities. Five of the articles featured secondary analyses of one or several waves of the Canadian Community Health Survey. The articles examined:

  • the impact of the linguistic minority situations pertaining to mental health;
  • obesity;
  • nutrition;
  • physical inactivity;
  • the challenges experienced in accessing nutritional and dementia screening programs for official language minority seniors;
  • the recruitment and the distribution of health professionals able to provide services in the minority language;
  • the future of health services in French in the minority context; and Wales’ situation.

“L’IRHM is proud to be associated at this scientific work which have collaborated our researchers and that provides a more in-depth examination of the difference in health outcomes between linguistic minority populations and the majority. This
scientific field joins our mission which is to contribute of improving the well-being and health of the population, especially Francophone minority communities” says Dr. Denis Prud’homme, associate vice-president and scientific director or the IRHM.
Hôpital Montfort is a Francophone academic healthcare institution that provides quality care in both official languages and works with its partners to improve the health of communities.

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