Hand hygiene

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), hand hygiene is an essential measure required to reduce infection.

By washing your hands as soon as you enter the hospital, you help us prevent the transmission of infections. Our campaign "Hand Hygiene... It's in my hands" targets staff, patients and visitors alike.

Be aware that you have the right to ask health professionals to wash their hands before they care for you.

Hôpital Montfort Hand Hygiene Annual Compliance Level:

  • % compliance Before Patient Contact: 72%
  • % compliance After Patient Contact: 78%

Additional Information

  • To prevent the spread of many infectious diseases
  • To protect patients and hospital staff.
  • To reduce the length of hospital stays.
  • To prevent deaths.
  • Before preparing food or handling your medication.
  • Before eating.
  • After going to the washroom.
  • After having coughed or sneezed into your hands.
  • After blowing your nose.
  • If you touch your bandages or wounds on your body.
  • When you leave your room.
  • When you enter your room.

Please remind your visitors and caregivers to wash their hands.

You should use alcohol gel (Purell) when your hands are not visibly dirty. Hand sanitizer is very effective and dries out your skin less than soap and water.

You should use soap and water when your hands are visibly dirty.