Green light for Ottawa East Ontario Health Team

Ottawa, July 18, 2019 – Developed under the leadership of the Ontario government, Ontario Health Teams will be a new way to organize and deliver interconnected care in local communities.

A coalition of around 30 partner organizations was developed in Ottawa East and Eastern Ontario; in May, Hôpital Montfort, on behalf of its partners, submitted this collective self-assessment to the Ministry of Health in May, to demonstrate how all the partners could work together as part of an Ontario Health Team.

Across the province, the Ministry of Health had received a total of 157 proposals for Ontario Health Teams. The Ministry has just informed Montfort that the proposal for the Ottawa East Ontario Health Team is one of 31 applications to have been shortlisted.

Members of this coalition are pleased to have been chosen to move forward to the second phase, with the goal of launching an Ontario Health Team in the near future.

We are confident that this Health Ontario Team, co-created with health service provider partners, patient partners and community members, will contribute to build interconnected care and services that focuses on the needs of the people.

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More information on Health Ontario Teams is available from the Ontario Ministry of Health.

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