Graduates who care about the well-being of others

June 21, 2019


Again this week, the Montfort Foundation had the pleasure of visiting two public elementary schools in Ottawa to receive funds raised by graduating students.

Although fundraising was not required as part of their school projects, these students still chose to carry out a project that would generate profits and dedicated Montfort as their beneficiary.

Two grade 6 students at École élémentaire publique Mauril-Bélanger in Vanier decided to organize a lemonade sale. Aicha Elmi and Hira Mohamed held the sale of their refreshing beverage on school grounds during a sunny lunch break in May. Through their efforts, the duo raised $77.20 to improve the care provided to our patients.

Five grade 6 students at École élémentaire publique l'Odyssée in Orléans did the same. As part of a project that focused on illnesses from around the world, they decided to sell popsicles at school and donate the profits to the Montfort Foundation to help our hospital patients fight their illness. The team comprised of Deq Houssein Abdi, Zachary Danis, Omar Igueh, Jamie-Myah Innocent and Nana-Aichatou Mahaman Moustapha, raised $417.

Despite their young age, all these graduates distinguished themselves not only by their team spirit, but also by their concern for the well-being of others. We are very grateful to each of these young philanthropists. Their ideas, actions and generosity are an inspiration to us all.

On behalf of all the Montfort patients and families who will benefit from your generous donations - thank you and have a great summer vacation!

L'École élémentaire publique Mauril-Bélanger hands the cheque to the Montfort Foundation

Marc Villeneuve, acting president and CEO of the Montfort Foundation, Aicha Elmi and Hira Mohamed, graduates, École élémentaire publique Mauril-Bélanger

L'École élémentaire publique L'Odyssée hands the cheque to the Montfort Foundation

Left to right: Jacinthe Chapdelaine, International Baccalaureate Elementary Program coordinator, Zachary Danis, Sylvie Pinel, director, Deq Houssein Abdi, Nana-Aichatou Mahaman Moustapha and Jamie-Myah Innocent (absent: Omar Igueh)