Frequently asked questions

To apply for a specific position, you must first create an online profile on the Hospital’s website, then apply directly for the position available that interests you. Once you have created your profile, you will receive a confirmation email.

You will also receive a confirmation email after applying for a specific position, to confirm that your application has been received.

You can also subscribe to job alerts.

The career and volunteering section on the website posts all of the positions currently open to external candidates. If, however, none of the positions correspond to your aspirations, you can create your candidate profile via the “Positions available” section. You can also subscribe to job alerts in order to be notified of new postings that correspond to your profile.

No. All of our recruiters rely solely on online recruitment for their hiring process. Candidates’ files are therefore kept in our system electronically.

Yes. We invite you to subscribe to our job alerts under the “Positions available” tab of the Hospital’s website.

You can refer to the “Help” section under the “Positions available” tab of the Hospital’s website. In case of technical difficulties, please send an email to: or dial 1-877-427-7717. You will be put in contact with the help centre responsible for the online application system.

The complete selection process differs according to the type of position, and its duration can also vary. However, for all positions at the Hospital, if your interview is successful, a criminal check will be carried out in the vulnerable sector as well as a reference check. A person from human resources will explain the process in more detail at the appropriate time.

It is possible to visit the hospital and the units susceptible to interest you. Please contact the Human Resources to plan your visit.

Yes, it is possible for students enrolled in university, college and diploma programs to do an internship at Montfort. Internships are offered in a variety of fields, including administration, nursing, therapeutic services, etc. Your internship must be part of your studies. Please send your application to or (health professionals and administrative internships).

Montfort actively recruits in Ontario, and in different provinces. We participate in numerous job fairs, as well as networking sessions. We also participate in presentations within academic institutions.

In addition to compensation according to your profession, we offer a attractive coverage. We also offer a competitive pension plan. For more information on benefits, visit the Your career at Montfort page.

We have learned that an alleged recruiting organization is falsely claiming to accept applications on behalf of Hôpital Montfort from nurses in the Philippines. Please note that this is a scam.

Montfort, or any authorized organization recruiting for us, will never ask for money to review job postings, apply for a job, register to a seminar, pay for a medical exam, or to obtain work permits/visas. It should be noted that Montfort is NOT involved in a recruitment campaign outside Canada; anyone representing themselves as hiring on behalf of Hôpital Montfort in other countries is doing so fraudulently.

Individuals who may have lost money through this scam are invited to contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and refer to file number 908-916.