A family tradition at Montfort

December 1, 2020


Meet Claude Chapdelaine.  Born in Ottawa, Claude grew up in a family of physicians. Her uncle, Dr. Jean Laframboise, was one of Montfort's "founding" physicians, and her connection to Ontario’s Francophone Academic Hospital dates back to the 1950s.

Claude spent her early years abroad, where her father worked for Foreign Affairs. Educated in French lycées, Claude studied in France, Germany, Sweden and Brazil. She completed her studies at Queen's University in Kingston, where she honed her English language skills.

Claude’s chosen career in human resources, specifically in the field of job classification, spans more than 40 years.

Having travelled extensively during her youth, discovering new lands has remained one of her greatest passions. In recent years, she made fresh discoveries including Berlin, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Lima and Tahiti in French Polynesia.

"I love to travel because it opens my mind to different cultures and helps me understand different political systems," says Claude.

But what does Claude do in her spare time, when we're not in times of pandemic?

"The days go by so fast! I enjoy sports and exercise - I walk every day to stay in shape. I have a lovely apartment and I enjoy having friends over and cooking for them. I also go to the theater, concerts and movies. My philanthropic interests also take up a lot of my time. "

Claude admits that it is thanks to her financial literacy in the management of her assets that she is now able to contribute to the well-being of the community.

"My husband, who is now deceased, was a former soldier and therefore very disciplined. He taught me to take care of my affairs and to plan for the future. Today, I am proud to have managed my money well and to have always put some aside. My husband and I never lacked for anything, but we never did anything foolish either. We always invested. At my age, being financially independent is of great comfort to me. "

"I don't have children so I can freely dispose of my money. So rather than leave it in my will, I decided to make living donations. This way, I have the pleasure of giving, participating, providing ideas and especially seeing the impact that my contributions have on the lives of others. Seeing for myself the impact of my donations, to be of service to others, to make them happy and to facilitate their work is extremely satisfying. "

Although Claude supports many organizations in the community, Montfort holds a special place in her heart. Because of a long family association, the fact that her parents were treated at Montfort on several occasions, as well as her own three stays (including a recent emergency surgery), her sense of belonging to our hospital is unshakeable.

This is why she has supported Montfort for so long. In fact, she recently made a designated gift for the purchase of two ice machines in Unit 5C - saving steps and time for the nursing staff, not to mention giving access to patients and their visitors.

"I was so well received and cared for at Montfort. I have always been very satisfied with the care I received. If I ever need surgery again, I absolutely want it to be at Montfort. This hospital is very important in my life."

Thank you Mrs. Chapdelaine for your great generosity, not only to benefit the patients, but also the Montfort staff.