For evaluation and approval by the REB

All research projects must be approved BEFORE recruitment of participants, accessing data and collecting samples can begin.

List of documents to be submitted for ethics evaluation:

Please note that the following categories of modifications corresponds to types of request that can be submitted to the REB, each option will help you ensure that the request is complete before it is submitted:

  • Initial assessment to submit a request for a new project
  • Ongoing assessment to submit a request for a project that has been approved by the REB (modification, annual removal, final report or file closure.
  • Reconsideration for all request to review or to appeal the REB's decision.

Please provide the REB with all documentation to be given to participants in French only or in both official languages, depending on the type of participant targeted:

  1. for patients, this documentation MUST BE written in both official languages;
  2. for staff, students, residents and physicians, this documentation MAY BE written in French only since French is the language of work.
  • consent forms
  • information sheets
  • recruitment tools (poster, templates with Hôpital Montfort logo New ! or ISM logo New !, emails, telephone script, etc.)
  • interview guides
  • measuring tools (specify for the REB if the tools are validated or have been translated by the research team)

Acknowledging receipt of your proposal

Within five days (5) of receipt of a proposal for review the Research Ethics Office (REO) will confirm you by email if your proposal is complete. Please note that an incomplete submissions will not be accepted, you will be informed and the proposal will be returned to the researcher, which will delay its review. 

Lenght of ethical approval

All approvals are for one year for all type of research projects. Four weeks prior to the approval expiration date, investigators should submit to the REO an annual report or a final report in order to request approval renewal or to close the file.