Alexandre Dumas, PhD

Alexandre Dumas holds a PhD in Kinesiology (sociology) at the University of Montreal and pursued postdoctoral studies at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge. His research focuses on two distinct themes.

First, they deal with social inequalities in health and lifestyle (health practices, physical and sports activities) in different social groups (men and women of different socioeconomic statuses, men with heart diseases, women clinically obese, postmenopausal women and aging population) on the basis of socio-cultural approaches.

Secondly, they concern the economic, political, ethical and social aspects of elderly and aging populations. His work involved in the implementation of policies in the areas of research, health promotion and disease prevention.

Research Interests

  • Social inequalities in health and life styles among different social groups
  • Economic, political, ethical and social aspects of elderly and aging populations

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Main address: 
University of Ottawa - School of Human Kinetics, 125, University, MNT 228, Ottawa (ON) K1N 6N5
Main telephone: 
613-562-5800 ext.4271