Donor helps modernize care in the ER

April 30, 2020


Earlier this year, Mr. Peter Hyde, a long-standing friend and supporter of Montfort, made a designated gift to help his hospital modernize the way it provides care in the Emergency Department.

“Last summer, I went to the ER at another hospital in Ottawa with stomach pains,” says Mr. Hyde. “I had tests done and spent the best part of the night waiting for the results. The one physician on duty was overloaded because he couldn’t complete any patient assessment until their test results had been processed and sent back to the ER. That really bothered me. I suspected that using a more modern type of scanner could help increase efficiency and reduce wait times, making the process easier for both patients and ER staff. That’s what prompted me to do a bit of research and make a designated donation to the Montfort Foundation, so they could purchase a Clarius 3D portable ultrasound device for the emergency department.”

Clarius logo

This state-of-the-art piece of equipment allows physicians to carry the device in their pocket and view high-quality images of deep structures and superficial anatomy—on their smartphone.

With no moving parts and a protective magnesium shell, physicians can focus on caring for their patients without wires getting in the way and without fear of dropping and damaging the device.

“During these difficult times, it has brought my team so much joy to receive such an amazing gift,” says ER physician Dr. Joanna Bostwick.“We are so pleased with the new portable ultrasound and with how much more convenient and efficient it has already made our daily work.”

Dr. Bostwick claims the quality of the images produced by the device is incredible. “The images enable the ER team to quickly diagnose lung, heart and abdominal concerns in our patients. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our department is even more rigorous with sterilization procedures. Cleaning such a small machine has been a lot easier for us, not to mention much less time consuming.”

Mr. Hyde, please accept our most sincere gratitude for your ongoing support and generosity toward Montfort. Because of you, our ER physicians will be better equipped to provide exemplary care and safe lives. Thank you for being one of our heroes!

Dr. Joanna Bostwick with the Clarius 3D device in hand

Dr. Bostwick receiving the Clarius 3D device. “It was like Christmas morning!”