Our dynamic team of dietitians is passionate about the well-being of its patients. Members value team work, advancement of the profession and the promotion of nutrition as an integral component of the patient care plan. Our dietitians also actively participate in training for clinical nutrition trainees.

Our dietitians perform the following duties:

  • Nutrition-based screening, nutrition assessment and monitoring for hospitalized patients and outpatients
  • Collaboration with other health professionals to ensure or improve the nutritional status of patients
  • Nutrition education for patients, their family members and interdisciplinary team members 
  • Active participation at inter-professional meetings and on various committees to apply our profession’s best practices

dietetiste_bourbonnais_2013_1.jpg“I was delighted to join the Montfort team. This Francophone hospital operates in a diversified community that takes its health seriously. The team of dietitians is welcoming and dynamic. It works hard to motivate its patients to eat nutritiously. I am proud to be a member, because the team nurtures true passion for nutrition in the young to the not so young. And more than that, the sense of mutual support and friendship I get from the team encourages me to grow and diversify as a professional and as a person, and that’s always a good thing!”
Maryse Bourbonnais, Montfort Dietitian since February 2012