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We know that restrictions on visits to the hospital can be difficult. If a loved one is hospitalized at Montfort, but does not have a device (telephone or tablet) that allows you to stay in touch, here is what we offer:

  • A telephone is offered free of charge in all rooms. You can call your loved one by calling 613-746-4621, followed by the extension number of the room. If you don't know the number, dial 0.
  • We can also offer you the possibility to have a virtual visit with your loved one. We invite you to contact us at 613-746-4621 ext. 2271 for details on how to arrange this.
  • You can also send us a short message using the form below, and we will make sure to pass it on. Written messages will be printed and given to the patient.
  • To deliver personal belongings to a patient, you can bring the items in a bag identified with the patient's name. We will ask you to leave the bag on a table in the main entrance; a porter will come to pick the bag up and deliver it to the patient.
In order to ensure everyone's safety, here are some examples of personal belongings that are accepted:
  • Items that can be easily disinfected with a wipe
  • Clothes or cuddly toys, either new or recently washed  
  • Fragrance-free flowers 
  • Wrapped food - the nurse in charge will have to validate that this food is allowed according to the person's diet or medical prescription
Latex balloons are not accepted. 

This initiative is made possible thanks to the Montfort Foundation.

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