Colorectal cancer


Information session

  1. Group classes are being held for colorectal cancer surgical patients and their family.

Where: Ottawa Hospital, General Campus, 7th floor, Ages Cancer Assessment Clinic
Time: 9:30 to 11:30
To Register : Please call 613-737-8501 (Reception) or 613-737-8899, extension 79694

  2. You can also attend a webcast class via your computer (offered in French only). To access, you must:

If you have any comments and to complete an evaluation form, please contact Judith Boileau, Clinical Educator.


  • To prepare you and your family to care for yourselves after your colon or rectal cancer surgery


  • To describe post operative care including dressing and drain care, and managing nausea and pain
  • To understand post operative activity including general activity
  • To identify opportunities to take care of your emotional well-being
  • To be aware of community resources available

Colorectal Cancer Patient Information Session

Patient Information

Patient with Ostomy: