Clinical pharmacists

Our pharmacy is vital to the modern care we provide to patients. Patients are the team’s main concern, and its priority is firmly centred on delivering high-quality pharmaceutical care.

Our pharmacy service is looking for dynamic pharmacists interested in working in a stimulating academic environment. A pharmacy residency program and/or a master’s degree in advanced pharmacology would be an asset. Comprising approximately twelve pharmacists, some twenty technical assistants and pharmacy technicians, as well as a clerk, our team would be delighted to have you join us! 

Our clinical pharmacists play several roles

pharmacienne_do_2013_0.jpgAfter finishing my hospital pharmacy residency, I wanted to work as a pharmacist at Montfort. The positive atmosphere and high-energy of its staff and professionals is what attracted me.  Since being hired here as a pharmacist, I feel like I truly belong to the patient care team; my suggestions are welcomed and applied. I feel that Montfort is changing and that it adapts to best practices. I want to be part of the change. I want to be part of this winning team!
Kimberley Do, Pharmacist

  1. Clinical intervention
    • They form part of the interdisciplinary team for each patient care unit.
    • They meet with patients to ensure they receive medication compatible with that which they take at home.To ensure the proper continuity of care, the team is responsible for completing a Medical Reconciliation (MedRec) for newly admitted patients.
    • Together with other health professionals, they apply guidelines and best practices in patient care, particularly in antibacterial management, constipation prevention and smoking cessation.
  2. Post-secondary education
    • They teach medical students and residents from the University of Ottawa, patients from the Franco-Ontarian community, and pharmacology students from various universities in Ontario and Quebec. They are proud to offer a hospital pharmacy residency program, in collaboration with the Ottawa Hospital. For more information about training opportunities or to obtain a hospital pharmacy residency, please send an email to the generic mailbox
  3. Prescription distribution and validation
    • Our pharmacy’s distribution system strives for safety and excellence. Unit dose bagging, automated dispensing cabinets, Wi-FI technology and the patient care model, not to mention the advent of Meditech 6.0 and smart pumps, are making the pharmacy of tomorrow a reality.The pharmacy is also equipped with a centralized intravenous additive system (CIVAS) for the preparation of sterile products.


Pharmacy technicians

veronik.jpg"I am a one of the first accredited pharmacy technicians to practice at Montfort. This exciting achievement marks a new stimulating commitment to my work and to my patients. My fellow pharmacy assistant colleagues are also on their way to becoming licensed technicians with the College, a pledge of our professionalism. We actively contribute to the mission of the Department with regards to the care and pharmaceutical services provided to our patients. We are a dynamic and caring team invested in the implementation and improvement of standard practices. I am proud to be part of this exemplary team!  "Véronik Desjardins, Pharmacy Technician

Hôpital Montfort is proud of its partnership with La Cité, which offers a pharmaceutical techniques program to train skilled pharmacy assistants. By 2015, the Ontario College of Pharmacists will require that certain delegated tasks be performed by accredited pharmacy technicians and members of the College. At present, Hôpital Montfort uses the “Pharmacy assistant” job classification to perform a number of delegated tasks that will eventually require accreditation.

Montfort has created a program that encourages staff to take training in order to obtain the accreditation scheduled to take effect in 2015. We already have one accredited technician on staff. However, all new employees will have to qualify as technicians as well.

We believe that this program is visionary. Also, the introduction of an incentive for the employees concerned is also perfectly aligned with the various strategies we promote high-quality services.