Board of Trustees

Hôpital Montfort 2019-2020 Board of Trustees is composed of the following members.

Elected directors

Ex-officio directors

  • Dr. Bernard Leduc, President and CEO, Hôpital Montfort
  • Dr. Stéphane Roux, Chief of Staff
  • Dr. Chantal D'Aoust-Bernard, President of Medical staff
  • Ms. Suzanne Robichaud, Vice-President, Clinical Programs and Chief Nursing Officer
  • Dr. Denis Prud'homme, Chief Executive Officer (acting), Institut du Savoir Montfort
  • Ms. Lucie Thibault, Ph.D., Representative, University of Ottawa

Consult our administrative policy.

Public Participation

Due to the exceptional situation resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, the annual meeting of June 17 will focus on business matters and only members of the Association will be able to join virtually.

In the fall, a general meeting open to the public is planned to deal with the other topics normally discussed at the Annual General Meeting.