Being a nurse

As the perfect embodiment of our vision of excellence in personalized patient care, the members of our nursing staff are the core of our institution. Their contribution to patient care and services cannot be underestimated.

Autonomy, leadership, job satisfaction, skills maintenance and accountability are some of the key words that define nursing at Montfort. Our nurses constantly strive to improve the quality of care and services by applying practices supported by research and the latest evidence-based data. They also contribute to scholarship by participating in teaching and research activities, which are a major component of Montfort’s academic mission. Our nurses are also provided with numerous benefits associated with continuous education, professional development and clinical and educational skills training that enable them to meet advanced standards of care in keeping with the community’s expectations. Lastly, they have access to technologically advanced electronic documentation.

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Our nursing staff comprises:

  • Registered nurses
  • Licensed practical nurses
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Advanced practice nurses
  • Clinical nurse specialists
  • Clinical teacher-nursing
  • Nurse managers
  • Nurse directors
  • Chief of Nursing Practice

We also stand apart with our specialized nursing staff:

  • Registered nurses (flexible sigmoidoscopy)
  • Registered Enterostomal Therapy Nurses
  • Nurse First Surgical Assistants
  • Nurse practitioners :
    • Emergency
    • Geriatrics
    • Mental Health
    • Rehabilitation
    • Regional Neonatal Program