Application forms available online

Initial assessment :

  1. Checklist to confirm that submission to the Research Ethics Board (REB) is complete
  2. Application form to the Research Ethics Board, duly completed, dated and signed, or initial submission form from another REB
  3. Consent form used (see templates below)
  4. Research project suitability evaluation
  5. Confidentiality agreement 
  6. Application form for clinical chart review, as applicable
  7. Information service fees form
  8. Billing form for clinical trials (available in French only at this time)

Ongoing assessment :

  1. Amendment request form (or your institution's amendment form)
  2. Minor-amendment request form
  3. Annual renewal request form to request an annual renewal of the ethics approval certificate
  4. Late annual form for an expired ethics certificate
  5. Final report or file closure form to submit a final report or to request a file closure 
  6. Protocol deviation form 
  7. Notification of an adverse event or serious adverse reaction form 

Consent forms:

Our REB has developed different consent form templates to assist researchers.  Simply adapt the template to accurately reflect the proposed project:

Withdrawl forms: