Angels Program

What is the Angels Program?

Through the Angels Program, Montfort Hospital patients and their loved ones can express their gratitude to the dedicated people who provided their care by having them named true "angels" of compassion.

The Montfort angels are doctors, nurses, volunteers, housekeeping staff or anyone else who has shown outstanding dedication. They achieve distinction by exceeding expectations and by their deep compassion. This excellence translates into actions, words and efforts of exceptional goodness.

You can show your gratitude and admiration for an angel in several ways:

  • A donation to the Montfort Hospital Foundation in their honour
  • A letter or word of thanks to the person in question
  • A written account of the event or action that moved you

Furthermore, the Montfort Hospital Foundation is delighted to honour your angel with a token of your esteem: a custom-crafted lapel pin inscribed with the words “Montfort Hospital Angel.” This lapel pin is awarded to your angel in front of their peers.

To find out more about the Montfort Hospital Angels Program, contact the Montfort Hospital Foundation at 613-748‑4920. 

Montfort Hospital Angels