Alain Jegen

alainjegenweb.jpgAlain Jegen is an entrepreneurial business director and currently works on several projects as a contractual or volunteer.
Expert in innovative technologies, sustainable development and business funding, nationally and internationally, he promotes innovative ways to improve Canadian companies’ prospects for growth and commercialization. His field of expertise also extends to creating strategic partnering with industry, support for SME’s funding and links with the Canadian cleantech ecosystem. 
Co-founder of two local system engineering companies in aerospace and defence, Mr. Jegen has been focusing since 2005 on sustainable development and innovative technologies that address climate change issues. He is particularly interested in energy exploration, production and utilization, power generation, waste management and transportation.
His fields of specialization include: 
  • energy efficiency: green buildings, engineered wood buildings, building-integrated photovoltaic systems (BIPV)
  • sensor and monitoring systems: water and electricity
  • renewable energy: solar and wind
  • energy storage: solar and geothermal, fuel cell, Li-ion/Flow batteries and flywheels
  • electric and intelligent transportation
  • smart grid
  • advanced materials
He has been a member of the Hôpital Montfort Board of Trustees since October 2020.