We provide an environment that optimizes and values the contribution of its nurses while promoting their professional fulfillment and wellbeing. The advantages of a nursing career at Montfort include:

Working Conditions
  • A flexible work schedule that includes 8 or 12 hour shifts
  • Opportunities to sit on various innovative committees
  • The opportunity to work in the clinical area of your choice
  • A computerized documentation system available in almost every patient care unit
  • A structured theoretical orientation program
  • An integration program that varies in length according to needs, supervised by experienced mentors
  • Additional training and orientation activities adapted to specialized areas (operating rooms, intensive care, family birthing centre, mental health and emergency)
  • Continuous on-the-job development training, including leadership workshops
  • Training in the use of technologically advanced tools
  • Opportunities to participate in off-site conventions and conferences
Other advantages
  • A relocation bonus of Can $2,500*
  • Tuition fee refunds of up to Can $2,500*
  • All programs of the Nursing Secretariat of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, including HealthForceOntario, which guarantees six months of bridging to full-time employment
  • Activities designed to recognize merit and superior performance

*Relocation bonuses and tuition refunds are subject to certain conditions. For more information, please contact Human Resources.


If you are a nurse and interested in joining our team, please view the list of current openings