2021 Strategy

With the adoption of its new Strategy 2021, Hôpital Montfort intends to fully assume its mandate as Ontario’s Francophone university health institution and to play a fundamental role in research as well as preparing the next generation of health professionals in Ontario. Our Strategy 2021 targets four main objectives:

Become a Clinical Centre of Excellence (CCE) in multimorbidity

People benefit from a recognized CCE in multimorbidity. People targeted by the CCE in multimorbidity benefit from completely integrated care. The CCE in multimorbidity and the Orléans Health Hub are closely aligned. 

Enhance targeted clinical services

Babies and their mothers have access to care as of 32 weeks gestation. A person receiving mental health care benefits from a Francophone therapeutic milieu and services focused on recovery. The patient no longer waits needlessly for surgery. The volumes in orthopaedic, oncological or other high-demand surgeries are increased.

Achieve the attributes of an academic teaching hospital

Montfort’s ranking as a research hospital in Ontario has improved. The implementation of targeted residency programs in basic specializations for Canadian Resident Matching Service positions at Montfort is complete. People benefit from activities supporting the development of a culture of knowledge.

Fulfill our provincial mandate

Francophone patients from everywhere in Ontario benefit from telemedicine consultation services with physicians and other health professionals for one of the targeted programs and the CCE in multimorbidity. The ISM assumes the functions of the Centre d’excellence en éducation en français, including internship coordination. Francophone professionals in Ontario benefit from professional support and training from Montfort.