2019 pre-budget consultations

2019 pre-budget consultations

The CEO of Montfort had the opportunity to present its comments to the Government of Ontario’s Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs in the context of the 2019 pre-budget consultations.

You may read his comments here.


Summary of recommendations

Recommendation 1: That the Government of Ontario invest in telehealth in order to increase the service offer to Ontario’s Francophones, thereby reducing the health costs of patients and their families and reducing hallway medicine.

Recommendation 2: That an appropriate number of French language health planning entities is maintained, governed by and for Francophones, in order to improve the service offer to Ontario’s Francophone community.

Recommendation 3: That the Government of Ontario maintain investments in research, in particular, the Ontario Research Fund, the Ontario Health System Research Fund and the Ontario Strategy for PatientOriented Research Support Unit (OSSU).